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9. The Pink beach stands in Budelli, one of the islands of the Archipelago; Budelli has an area of just 1.6 square kilometres. Porto Giunco is a true paradise on earth. Fornillo Spiaggia, Positano, Amalfi Coast.

Tourists are now being charged to visit two of Italy 's most beautiful beaches, following new rules brought in by the authorities on the island of Sardinia. The Best Beaches In Northern Sardinia Romazzino Romazzino is a peculiar, lesser known beach in Costa Smeralda, nearby the more popular Spiaggia del Principe. The greatest beaches in Sardinia for windsurfing lovers: Chia Firstly, the Chia area is always windy because of the mistral. In the town of Baunei, at the southern tip of the Golfo di Orosei, you'll see Cala Goloritz, a beach that's certainly worth journeying to. Maria Pia was the first beach we saw in Sardegna and we loved it, especially the white sand and the pine trees. Just west of Positano Beach, Fornillo is large and sandy, backed by cliffs and sheltering greenery. Rating: 8.4 (557 votes) Chia is a group of beaches in the southernmost point of Sardinia island in Italy. ago. From this summer, visitors to sought . Resorts are also a popular . The proximity to Cagliari makes is also an easy area to travel to. Cinque Terre, Italy: Top Attractions & Things to Do (Updated 2022) 30 Best Places in Italy to Travel With Kids. Spiaggia (beach) di Genn'e Mari This is a very popular beach located in the tourist resort of Torre delle Stelle. For a day of relaxation, head to the Is Arutas, known for its quartz-colored sands. Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus), with an area of 24,100 km 2 (9,305 sq mi). Only just over a 10-minute walk from the gorgeous Spiaggia del Piccolo Pevero beach, you'll enjoy the five star luxury Italy is known for here. The best way to spend your time in the location and to get a view of the diverse Mediterranean marine life is by putting on your mask and fins. Cala Mariolu 2,000 Beaches By Sergiot67 . Renowned for its natural beauty, illuminating turquoise water, the beaches in Sardinia will give you plenty of choices when it comes time to choose a relaxing destination. This fine white sand beach offers spectacular views over Isola Piana and Asinara, and is characterized by a beautiful Spanish Watchtower on its west side. It lies on the border of the National Park of the Bay of Orosei and Gennargentu. The area attracts heaps of international party-goers, and it offers trendy clubs, mind-blowing coasts, and parties on the beach. Although it isn't easy to get to Cala Coticcio, you certainly shouldn't miss out on visiting this part of the Italy coast. Mari Ermi beach. L'Ea Bianca Luxury Resort. Follow, like or share: beach break italy beaches Sardinia. 2. While the setting is great, Tropea . La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia. Complete with beautifully bright-blue waters, sparkling white sand, secluded nooks found alongside pine forests, and vacation resorts, it's not hard to see why. Map showing the location of all the very best beaches in Italy. In addition to the picturesque rocks, incredibly clear water, you will discover panoramic views of the islands of Cof. As an Italian National Monument, this one is accessible only by walking or taking a small boat and swimming in. Ponente beach and Rena di Levante beach, 2 large fine sandy beaches. February 15, 2022. Expensive Positano has several beautiful beaches, but Fornillo Spiaggia is the best of the best. The beautiful beaches of Sardinia. 2022 16. This beautiful beach is one of the most photogenic destinations in the region and is accessible by both car and boat. However, the beach has white sand and crystal clear shallow bluish water great for snorkelling. The beaches here are some of the best in Europe. However the beach itself wasn't the best, there are nicer ones in the area.". La Pelosa is a great spot to windsurf, kayak, and even sail. Liked that? Hands down one of the loveliest beaches is Spiaggia di Piscinas, a ribbon of golden sand running between a windswept sea and a vast expanse of dunes flecked by hardy green scrub. Secondly, the many resorts and hotels make Chia one of the best places to stay in Sardinia for beaches. Cala Goloritz. Nuragus Beach Rentals. Cala Luna beach, near Dorgali, Province of Nuoro, East Sardinia. Best Snorkeling Beaches of Sardinia - Cala Luna. "On the positive side the hotel had a great big swimming pool and private beach with sun beds provided free of charge. With 36 beachfront homes near Nuragus, find your perfect private place to stay in Nuragus on Rent By Owner. From Sicily to Sardinia, and everywhere in between, here are 17 of the best beaches in Italy. Sardinia has three airports, 2 in the north and 1 in the south. Cala Goloritz. Hotel: Paradise Resort Sardegna. Cala Goloritz - Baunei CALA GOLORITZE' - BAUNEI This amazing beach it's located north of Arbatax, in the South of the Gulf of Orosei. Sea as is warm, Crystal clear in a large horse bay, easy for swimming. Cala Goloritz beach is one of the most spectacular and picture-perfect beaches you'll encounter on Sardinia and is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities and extreme sports such as climbing. Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Show Prices. Related Posts. 1 min. Standard Map Satellite Map. THE APPRECIATIVE TRAVELER No Result . Best Beaches in Salento. Here's 10 Beaches in Sardinia that will make you think you are in the Caribbean! Swimming pools, spas, sports activities such as sailing, windsurfing, diving, golf and tennis as well as mini clubs and excellent dining facilities. Forno Beach // Elba. A few of the greatest seashores in Italy will be present in Sardinia, flanked by the Mediterranean sea on all sides, and one in all its hottest vacationer sights. Its white sand and shallow water stand on an emerald-green sea, making it ideal for families with children (t he seabed gently slopes to the sea). Home Italy Top 25+ Italy Beaches. Among bays, inlets, coves, and beaches of sand, rock, or cliffs, here are the most beautiful beaches in Salento! There are 5 lagoon pools and multiple sundecks where you can relax can soak up the sun, as well as a spa and fitness centre. It's easy to devote pages and pages of writing just to the best beaches of Sardinia. Sardinia is famous around the globe boasting some of the best beaches Italy has to offer. There are a few other sheltered coves along . One of the most amazing beaches in the area is the Spiaggia del Principe. Poetto Beach, Cagliari. Hotel Cala Di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda. Hotel Cala Di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda. Sardinia's beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, ranging from fine sand to large flat rock slabs. The Costa Smeralda is popularly known as the nightlife capital in Sardinia, and the three most popular towns are Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, and Baja Sardinia. Nearby beaches: Lu Impostu, Cala Brandinchi. It has white sand that gently thins towards the clear and uncontaminated sea, which is so characteristic for Sardinia. The sand is fine, the water is turquoise .

The beach is shadowed by the 148m high Aguglia which is ideal for those into climbing and abseiling. It has been updated with new information. The Best Beaches in Sardinia to Visit by Superyacht 17 September 2020 Since Italy has reopened its borders for tourism , now is the time to plan a post-coronavirus superyacht holiday or charter cruise around Sardinia. By land you can take a trekking trip from Su Porteddu. Cala Mariolu is a pearl of the Gulf of Orosei, in the central-eastern coast of Sardinia; one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy where you can spend unforgettable moments. Though a much busier beach, La Pelosa is the perfect place to take . Hotel Corte Rosada Resort & Spa. August 24, 2021. in Travel News. Share On: Tweet. 5. Located in the north east of the island of Sardinia, this region is home to achingly beautiful coastal scenery - much of it undeveloped. Ultimate guide (April 2022) Posada is a cozy Italian town in the east of Sardinia island. Situated on the southeastern coastline of the island, near the popular holiday destination of Costa Rei, the IGV Club Santa Giusta is where to be. Cala Corsara, Spargi, La Maddalena. by appreciativetraveler. Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa. Hotel Corte Rosada Resort & Spa. A number of the greatest seashores in Italy may be present in Sardinia, flanked by the Mediterranean sea on all. It was a small fishing village prior to becoming a famous tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches. Read more "Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy" From this summer, visitors to sought . Cala Liberotto (Nuoro, Sardinia): For a local beach with plenty of "free sand". It is located 2 km from Stintino, at the foot of Cape Falcone. 1. These beaches near Cagliari are covered with fine and clear sand and the sea is of a crystal clear light blue. Porto Pollo. All countries All regions Top 100 beaches. 1. A highlight is to take a boat tour to Cala Luna . Once you arrive, you'll be met with beautiful, dramatic scenery, including a towering, rocky pinnacle and an arch at the end of the bay. 10 Best Beaches in Mykonos. Compared to the previous beaches, this one is definitely more of a tourist spot, but not less beautiful. Follow, like or share: beach break italy beaches Sardinia. Plenty of cafe/restaurants but not over crowded. Some of the best beaches in Italy can be found in Sardinia, flanked by the Mediterranean sea on all sides, and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Best Beaches in Rhodes. How to visit all the best beaches in Sardinia Italy will show you all the Sardinian beaches that must be seen to be believed. Address: Strada di Ponente, 92010, Sicily, Italy. Albergo Diffuso Mannois Orosei Nuoro, Sardinia 18 rooms from 69. Tropea Beach via simo0082, CC BY 2.0. 3. It is situated between 38 51' and 41 18' latitude north (respectively Isola del Toro and Isola La Presa) and 8 8' and 9 50' east longitude (respectively Capo dell'Argentiera and Capo Comino). 0. 16. Travel News; . The area is best known for the Caribbean beaches, the clear water and the sandy rocks. Show Prices. Colonna Resort Porto Cervo. SHARES . #2 in Best Beaches in Italy A large island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia boasts miles of picturesque coastline. Minori and Maiori beach // Amalfi.

Photo: Eva Bocek /Shutterstock. Spiaggia Capriccioli. The cities of Cagliari, Pula, Chia and Porto Pino offer some of the best beaches south Sardinia.

Its name derives from the presence in this area of the monk seal. Ischia is one of the most popular islands in Italy and in the world. Spiaggia Capo Coda Cavallo 1,545 Beaches Here are the best beaches in Sardinia to be included in your bucket list. Sardinia is a little known gorgeous gem of an island off the coast of Italy, that tourists seem to ignore.




best beaches in sardinia, italy